College Survival Guide #2

Continued from last post….

Despite all of this, these are good students. Though they don’t always get the absolute highest grades, their struggle with their coursework is minimal. Being able to work with technology eases some stress of completing assignments as they can type rather than write.

On almost the complete opposite spectrum of The Studious One and Mr. Tech, is The Absentee. Now, not many people really know about this college student’s study habits or how they take notes during a lecture, as they are rarely seen in class. What some do know about them, is that they never miss a party. They hit every single one that happens almost every weekend, and never stress about what’s due the next day (probably because they don’t know what’s due the next day). In the rare case they do show up to class, they sometimes come hungover (evident with the shades being worn indoors) and usually ask people around them for the notes that they missed the previous days. Exams are a huge surprise, as they never know what’s on the test.

With all the absent days and late parties come a price. They usually drop out because they cannot keep up with the course work, and their bank accounts are typically in debt with all the purchases they make to throw a “livelier” party. While they’re socially superior, they aren’t academically. The Absentee is also the one who implements those negative stereotypes of the modern college student (unfortunately) and enforces this stereotype whenever a tragic story of them appears on the news. Generally, it is good to have some leisure time to yourself and get away from all the stress that comes with school, including exams and any events going on. The Absentee, however, has almost no stress, as they only care about who’s going to what party and when, not when their next class is.

Lastly, we have The Procrastinator. This type of modern college student is also a very common type of student you see around campus. This student can either have very good grades or do very poorly. The Procrastinator does exactly what their name is: procrastinate on every assignment. From the get-go, they intend to change their ways, as college is supposedly more rigorous and demanding than high school. At the start of day one, they walk into their lectures excited and ready to go.

  Because of this, coffee may become their best friend and Starbucks might be their favorite place (before 9p.m. of course, right before they close) to study as they need all the energy they may get.

Stress becomes their best friend, but only the night before something is due, as The Procrastinator cannot believe that their teacher would give them so much work to do in such little time. Unbeknownst to them, they had a whole month to write a six-page essay over politics, not only six hours. Sometimes, these types of students excel, as they feel like the pressure that they put unto themselves allows them to focus more, knowing their deadline is slowly, but surely, approaching them. More often than not, however, The Procrastinator burns out trying to learn all of physics in one night, and just simply gives up. They become tired very quickly, allowing their grades to suffer horrendously as all the assignments they decided to put off are due the same day. At the end of the day, all these different students come home and rest (except The Absentee of course).

When the end of the semester rolls around, the modern college student (whatever the archetype may be), has a sense of relief. Unfortunately, though, this sense of bliss is almost immediately interrupted by financial aid such as FAFSA and scholarships. Nonetheless, one of these students walk off campus and into their car to head home knowing they excelled. The Studious One prevails, knowing that they have defeated the modern college curriculum and knows that they left a lasting imprint. They will be able to help guide those such as Mr. Tech or maybe even The Absentee (wishful thinking). The modern college student may be independent in their own ways, but in order to survive the harsh exams and curriculum, they must frame their mentality of The Studious One.

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