Author's views on Feminism -

By definition, Feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Simpler term, there are no jobs that are perceived to be only for men. The term was first coined around late 1800’s in France particularly to allow women the right to vote. It had different iterations with the passing of time and ultimately became the modern world feminism, meaning that both sexes are totally equal. The situation of women from a century back has changed drastically as now more sensitivity towards women. Women have way more opportunities and rights. Even wage gap, which was and is the greatest issue for modern day feminism has almost been eradicated, even in third world countries.

In US, The Equal Pay Act, 1954 aimed to provide for equal payment to men and women workers in the same job and for the prevention of discrimination, on the ground of sex. It helped.

But then came ugly part of it. Feminism became the exact thing it swore to destroy, equality. Tribal and more radical feminist groups came to power. I won’t really blame them, it’s rather a default human nature to feel oppressed by some other group at all times. Then we construct belief systems that justify our group’s power and superiority. What happen next is that the group’s beliefs no longer serve some moral principle, but rather the utter promotion of the group and that’s exactly what has happened. What once was a meaningful cause for some people, was now other’s career. Feminists pay check depended on proving how much patriarchy and oppression was present anywhere they looked. They now believe the men are vile and violent creatures and women ABSOLUTE superior to them.

Vis-a-vis females almost always win custody of child during divorce, violence against men by women is totally overlooked, men lose their whole careers over mere accusations of misbehaviour. And what are boys taught, to give up your seat for women. Situation is VERY bad.

While females do have the capacity and aides nowadays to do the same jobs as men, the lack of females that choose to go into these professions themselves is not at the fault of men. We do not have that excuse anymore. To have the choice and choosing not to do it is true freedom.

When you point in the fact that men work longer hours, more dangerous jobs, and retire later, the wage gap today is actually almost non-existent.

Basically, the current overall scenario is that the most recent feminism prioritizes political correctness and female superiority over progress and downright hates men. feminists are more interested in enforcing thoughts and opinions about women, rather than actually becoming the women they wish others to see.

You cannot be equal if you make the other lesser than you.

If modern feminists continue this, the movement will be left with nothing but sexism and a tasteless movement.

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