🤡Joker (2019) Review🤡

This Joaquin Pheonix master is one to behold.

Written and Directed by the great Todd Philips is full of insanity throughout with overall oscar-worthy performance by Joaquin Pheonix. 10/10

I think if I take my personal bias out, this movie was incredible and amazingly shot. The beginning scene of him trudging up the stairs surrounded by filth and darkness with a beautiful blue sky that was inaccessible to him due to mental illness, unfairness from society, let me know immediately this film was gonna be good and it definitely was! The colors in the movie, the music, what’s physically in the scenes, the fucking manic laugh, Joaquin’s entire performance: I was impressed by it all.

The whole movie gave me this feeling of joy when Arthur finds himself and finally is dancing on the stairs. He in that moment is just having the time of his life. I felt like I was rooting for a dude who is doing all this bad stuff. Maybe that was my escape for the rest of it. That was so upbeat to how sad the rest of it was.

Final Verdict

Last thing I’ll say was that he never felt clever to me. I always interpreted the Joker as a smart person, but Arthur does things – like letting the little person go after murdering their coworker – that I don’t know if the Joker from the comics would do. It’s definitely an interpretation of the Joker and I think it did a relatively good job, just that small bit was slightly off to me. Overall, I left the movie feeling dirty and uneasy. I don’t think I would ever re-watch it again, not because it was bad, but because it really left me uneasy.

If you go into this thinking you’re gonna get something light and fun… you’re going to be disappointed. It’s dark and brutal and NECESSARY. Lastly, for all you fanboys/girls, who think they’re gonna get a movie purely about the Joker or who get their Batman sidekick in a twist every time a superhero film doesn’t follow the pages from your favorite comic book/graphic novel… sad clown tears for you. This original screenplay is 95% Arthur Fleck / 5% true “Joker.”

This is not DC/DCEU, this is Arthur Fleck/Joaquin Pheonix universe we just saw.

” ♫ Send in the Clownnnnnn ♫”

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  1. The review is very well-written. The moments from the movie were explained really well. Overall, I couldn’t have done a better review myself.

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