What even is time?

Time is of the essence. We often hear this phrase when we are working on a project of some sorts. We often take time for granted, or we always want more time to do a certain task. How do we manage to stay on top of things? This certain piece of technology is arguably one of the greatest inventions since the beginning of time. The clock. Despite many technological advancements, the clock (digital or analog), is the most important invention to date due to our dependability on time.

As a society, we revolve around a clock. We set important dates, events, holidays, and deadlines around a certain time. We wouldn’t be able to do it without a clock. For example, scientist or engineers such as the ones for big name companies (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc.) all plan in accordance to time. Not only this, almost every single piece of technology nowadays has some form of a clock within their system. The importance of the clock dates back to as far as the 14th century. Having that technology made life so much simpler. It allowed for organization and prevented people from missing important dates/ events. Without a piece of technology as such, society would not be able to function properly. From the smallest things such as knowing when to go to sleep to other drastic events such as rushing someone to the emergency room late at night knowing their life is on the line. Interestingly, the original use of a clock was for naval purposes.

Now, nearly everyone globally has access to these essential pieces of technology. From our phones, televisions, laptops, computers, e-readers/tablets, and watches (obviously), these modern-day pieces of technology all have something almost prehistoric to society. The clock is implemented in almost every which way possible when it comes to new innovations. Turning on your phone, you are greeted with all your notifications, but the most prominent thing on your screen is the time displayed. Even when you turn on your television to open up Netflix, most of us are prompted with some type of clock displaying the time. Scientists around the world are constantly innovating modern day inventions, but often forget that the clock (though perfect at telling time) is not perfect and is essential.

Phones and tablets are luxurious, but how would they be put out without a deadline? How would they gauge how long a certain product could last for? Scientists being able to keep track of time through the use of a clock allows for them to keep on making progress and innovating what we already have in today’s society. The implementation of a clock is way more important than we realize, including the best scientists in the world.

This piece contributed by our reader : Keeko Santellan-Flores

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